While on the Move - WOM


WhileOnTheMove Ltd. (WOM) brings mobile NFC technology to the everyday life. We provide solutions to smart cities and smart loyalty customers.


Our competitive advantages is ten years of expertise on mobile solutions development of which last four years on mobile NFC applications development. We have a global network of NFC technology providers and mobile business experts. Together with our partners we can provide the best mobile NFC solutions to our customers.


Mobile NFC solutions from the Cloud


Our MCS (Mobile Cloud Services) platform makes it easy to develop NFC enabled mobile solutions and services to the needs of the customers. We also have the expertise to integrate the mobile solutions with back-end systems.


Products and Solutions


Find out more about our products and on this web site. The products shown are just examples what we can do. Challenge us to develop mobile NFC solutions to citizens, tourists, employees and loyalty customers.


NFC tags, NFC key fobs, cards, etc.


With our global network of partners we offer the best NFC materials as a part of the NFC solution.






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