All the products base on our Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) platform. The products are samples that we have made during the years and they show the flexibility of the MCS platform and the many features a mobile application may have.


Daisy - Mobile NFC solution for day cares and pre-schools


NFC technology enables an easy way to set-up a attendance service at pre-schools, schools and day cares. Child's or parent's NFC card or NFC key fob can be read using NFC mobile phone or NFC reader when child enter the school or day care and she/he leaves the school or day care. This information can be stored into school's database. However, the information about child's arrival to the school or departure from the school is valuable information to the parents, too. The information can be sent to parents using SMS, IM (Instant Messaging) or email. NFC is one of the technologies that the project uses.


Lady Shopper - Mobile NFC solution for female loaylty customers



Lady Shopper, the NFC enabled mobile application, makes plastic loyalty cards useless and unnecessary to carry on anymore. Furthermore, there is no need to carry on discount coupons to the store. Lady shopper takes care of these and gives even product information to the consumer at the shop.


The use of Lady Shopper is intuitive, quick and easy. By tapping the product NFC tag the user collects product information to the 'shopping basket' on the phone. The application fetch more product information from the Internet (brand's web site, Youtube, Facebook, etc.). The user can save the products and browse the information later on at the café or at the home. Detailed product information in the form of texts, images and video clips help the user to make a buying decision.


Sport Shopper - Mobile NFC solution for sporty people



The Sport Shopper application, which is based on NFC technology, offers customers product information directly to mobile phone. The application is activated when entering the store (or mall) and tapping a NFC tag. When the customer reads NFC tags next to the products the information is saved to the shopping basket on the phone.


On Sport Shopper application you can choose those sports what you are interested in and focus on those. After reading the tag, the phone shows immediately more information on the product like videos or customer opinions from the internet. You can choose what information you want to see: manufacturer or the store information about the products. The store provides you the best discount coupons what you can use while shopping. You can also save the products in Sport Shopper's shopping basket for later use. You can also share the product information with your friends in social media like Facebook or Twitter.












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