WhileOnTheMove's mission is to design, develop and supply mobile solutions for cities and enterprises by utilizing novel innovative mobile technologies like NFC in order to increase the profitability of our customers.


Mobile Cloud Services - MCS - platform


Our Mobile Cloud Services (MCS) platform consists of components on the mobile phone and on the mobile server.


The MCS platform is based on Microft technology.


Our mobile NFC applications run on Symbian and Android phones. We will port our applications to other platforms as they appear.




WhileOnTheMove has been active in NFC technology since 2008. With our global partners we can deliver mobile NFC solutions, NFC mobile phones, NFC cards, tags and key fobs, NFC readers, NFC posters, and NFC tag management system. We also host and manage the solutions. There are several mobile NFC solutions available for different business segments. WOM is working in R & D projects with its partners. New mobile NFC solutions will be released in H1/2012.







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